Medieval Astrology Diploma Course - DMA

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Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology

Course Contents

This is an advanced course. It is widely considered the most complete course available for the Western predictive astrologer. 

You do not have to complete the Foundation course before you begin the Diploma course but you should have a good understanding of astrology - natal, horary or electional. 

All materials are downloaded instantly. You can then read them from your computer hard-drive, print them or burn them to CD/DVD. There are 26 lessons plus an Orientation lecture and articles on astronomy including a calculation module and general articles on astrology, which will assist you in your learning. 

Much of the information included in the DMA is not available elsewhere. This includes new research into the use of astrology and also new transactions of ancient astrologers. Above all this is a practical course designed to teach the Art of prediction and is not theory. 

Course Materials

    General Introduction to Medieval Astrology

    Orientation (text and audio)


    1 Astronomy: Part 1 (text and audio) 
    . Cosmology and Spherical Astronomy 

    2 Astronomy: Part 2
    . Constellations, fixed stars, planetary and luminary cycles

    3 Sabaeanism
    . Use of fixed stars and an explanation of the astronomical bases of mythologies. 

    There is also a calculation module to teach the basics of chart erection. Plus two separate papers on astronomy : The Diurnal Motion of the Stars and The Right Conception of the Sphere and its Circles (translated from Thabit c 870 AD) 

    Fundaments of Medieval Astrology

    4 The Archetype
    . Interrelationship between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs

    5 Sign, Subdivisions and Rulerships
    6 The Houses
    7 The Planets


    Introduction and overview to successful Delineation 

    8 The Fundaments of Delineation

    Special Techniques of Delineation

    9 The Length of Life - Longevity Part I
    10 The Length of Life - Longevity Part II 
    11 The Rank of Fame 
    12 The Profession Significator
    13 The Financial Significator
    14 The Lord of the Chart - Almutem Figuris
    15 The Arabic Parts


    Introduction and Continuous Astrological Techniques 

    16 The Fundaments of Prediction and Predictive method in Natal Configurations and the Predictive method of Time Division by Triplicity Ruler and the method of the Ages of Man

    Non-continuous Astrological Techniques

    17 Transits and Progressions
    18 Prediction through the ruling of time - Firdaria
    and Prediction through permutation - Profecting
    19 Prediction by Solar & Lunar Return
    20 Prediction by Directing

    Special Areas

    21 The Delineation and Prediction of Marriage
    22 Delineation and Prediction relating to Children
    23 Medical Astrology
    24 Spiritual Astrology
    25 Astrological Physiognomy 

    Conclusion to Course

    26 Epilogue

Articles on Astrology

In addition to the above your course materials CD will also include the following articles: 

Abu-Ma'shar: Prince of Astrologers Ma'shar was a Persian astrologer (8th-9th century) who had a profound effect on astrology in Western Europe. He was the greatest astrologer of his day and it is essential for the modern practitioner of Predictive astrology to be familiar with his work. 

Astrology and Wisdom Today the pursuit of wisdom as the prime objective of astrology has been largely abandoned. In its stead psychological analysis and introspection have come to predominate in the Western democracies. For the majority this has destroyed astrology as a predictive Art and so dissolved its central aim, the attainment of wisdom. Students should be aware of these issues and how to go about resolving them. 

Avicebron and the Fountain of Life Today many scientists use Copernican heliocentric astronomy (that the Earth revolves around the Sun) as a repudiation of astrology. This places astrologers in the position of having to justify their pre-Copernican application of astronomy. It is a debate that has been raging for many centuries and drives to the root of the difficultly that many scientists and academics have in understanding astrology. This article examines the work and life of one of the greatest mind to address this matter. 

Blending of Astrology and Medicine Astrological calculation was regarded as essential in determining the appropriate time to commence or change treatment and planetary movements were regarded as strongly influencing the patient's prognosis. This article is one of a series of medical papers considering these issues. 

The Guardian Angel and Astrology This paper discusses the nature of the Angel and examines two different viewpoints - that of the psychologist and that of the Predictive astrologer. The latter delineates the natal figure and draws upon esoteric and sacred doctrine. In doing so astrologers can demonstrate that the modern view - that we are essentially formed by nurture and the environment - is wrong. On the contrary, the spiritual forces inherent at our birth are of fundamental importance throughout our lives and these forces are closely tied to our Guardian Angel. 

Medical Astrology in Early Western Europe This article discusses the state of medical astrology in barbarian Western Europe prior to 500AD. It examines the state of their astronomical learning; their medical lore and their understanding of a correlation between the affairs of heaven and effects on earth. 

Prediction and the 11th September 2001 This paper examines prediction and in particular those predictions relating to the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Centre, made twelve months before the events. It gives an overview of the standards necessary for astrological prediction and an indication of the methods used. It primarily relates to the predictions, which specifically stated that an attack would be by Islamic fundamentalists on US soil in September 2001. These predictions were published twelve months before in August 2000. 

Valentine Weigel on Fate and Free Will Many modern astrologers are confronted with a painful inadequacy when reading a horoscope. They can diagnose problems that the native may confront but too often remain powerless to do anything about those problems. This raises issues central to Fate and Free Will. This article discusses these in relation of the works of Weigel, who put a great deal of thought into the matter.


Students have the choice of applying for a tutored place or working through the materials as an untutored student. 

To apply for a tutored place please contact the student registrar at

All tuition is conducted via email with students submitting homework at the end of each lesson. The lesson is marked and returned to the student. 

Demand for tutored places is always high, so a tutored place cannot be guaranteed. If a tutored place cannot be offered when you apply, you can be put on a waiting-list. 

Course Texts

In addition to the DMA materials listed above the following are texts for the course: 

Tools and Techniques for the Medieval Astrologer Book One on Prenatal Concerns and the Calculation of the Length of Life 

Tools and Techniques for the Medieval Astrologer Book Two on Astrological Prediction by Direction and the Sub-division of the Signs

Tools and Techniques for the Medieval Astrologer Book Three on Horary and Electional Astrology and An Astrological Miscellany

146 Considerations of Bonatti and 245 Aphorisms of Cardanus (Bonatti was the leading astrologer of the 13th century and Cardan was a leading astrologer of the 15th century). It is an invaluable work and if you memorise Bonatti's considerations early on you will find they hold you in good stead throughout your studies. 

For more information on these books and for example pages of their contents see :/zoller/books 

There are further texts in the student library. All students can access these for free. 

Also, there are a number of other books and articles, which will aid you in your studies. As you go through your course materials you will find these referred to and can at the stage decide if you need them. 

Astrological Software

All the methods/calculation of techniques and charts you need are contained within the course materials. Therefore, to start with you can study without any software, if you prefer. However, doing charts by hand is laborious and so later you may want to consider software. If you need advice, this can be requested at any stage and at the beginning of your studies some direction is given. 

Student Charts

During the course, you will be applying techniques and astrological method. There are many natal charts throughout the materials that you will be referred to however, it is recommended that students also use separate natal charts for examining and using the techniques as they learn them. 

It is recommended that you use your own chart and that you select at least seven other charts of either friends or family or someone of historical interest, for you to practice on. In the course materials these are referred to as "your working charts". 

Predictive Astrologer Newsletter

The Predictive Astrologer newsletter is send to students via email. It includes predictions, articles on astrology, discussion of student problems, notification of events, updates and advice about new books and materials. 

Spam is never sent and you will often gain access to material that is not generally distributed to the wider public. 

Diploma Course Examination

At the end of your Diploma Course studies you can sit an examination. This is conducted over the Internet and can be sat at any time that suits you. 

As you get to the end of your studies all you need do is let your tutor or the registrar ( know that you wish to sit the examination and you will be sent full details.

As with the Foundation Course examination, you are asked to study an examination chart and answer questions on it. The examination chart is sent to you prior to the examination itself so that you can familiarise yourself with it. 

Award of Diploma

Once you have passed your examination you are awarded the Diploma in Medieval Astrology (DMA) by the Academy of Predictive Astrology - London. 

Time to Complete

Students should complete the Diploma course within 18 months. 

You are asked to work through each lesson, one at a time. Some lessons will take you longer than others to complete but over the first six months, you should average two lessons per month. Then, in the next six months as you move to more advanced (and time consuming) techniques you should be averaging one lesson per month. Then, in your final 4 months, as everything comes together you should again find two lessons per months easily manageable. 

Again, the above is only a guideline and some students progress at a much faster pace depending on the time they have available to study. 

Cost of Materials

The cost is divided into to parts:
  1. The DMA materials themselves cost £199.00 (approx. US$297). 

    Anyone can buy these at any time. 

    If you would like to purchase these materials now, then please click here to go to the sales page. They will be dispatched to you within 7 days for your making payment. 
  2. Tutored students have to pay an additional fee of £700.00 (approx. US$1046). 

    Students who do not have a tutored place when they begin the course can later apply for a tutored place after they have begun the course. The tuition fee is reduced according to the amount of tuition that you require e.g. if you have already progressed through half the course before becoming a tutored student then you would only have to pay half the tuition fee. 

    Before making payment for the tuition fee you need to have a tutored place. To apply for a tutored place please email . Please note the above - that if you apply for a tutored place after you have started the course then the tuition fee will be reduced accordingly. Also, payment for tuition can be made by instalments.

Medieval Astrology Diploma Course - DMA
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Customer Reviews

Robert Canada
5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed my studies in the Diploma program and I feel that I now have a strong foundation in medieval/predictive natal astrology. I appreciate all the help I got along the way. The technical content of the course was, for the most part, clearly presented and easy to follow. I enjoyed the background introduction to Medieval astrology, the Medieval world-view and its historical development. The comments from DMA examiner were very insightful and useful.

Tom M London UK
5 star

Brilliant course. My advice is this: if you bring intelligence and enthusiasm, this course will provide the other vital ingredients for becoming a successful predictive astrologer - skills and knowledge. It is exceptional.

5 star

I am a scholar of the Classics. I took this course to assist me in the reading of illuminations/woodcuts/prints from the Medieval period that include astrological imagery. It has helped enormously and I would recommend this course to fellow scholars.

FG South Africa
5 star

One of the problems with many courses on astrology - for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, is that they have a decidely northern bias. Almost to the extent that the Southern Hemisphere does not exist. The trouble is that many things are different down here, so that an observation based on the northern skies is just nonsense in our skies in the south. So I was delighted to discover that this course actually addresses students in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and that is a great plus if, like me, you take your own night readings and calculate your own helical rising tables etc. It is a phenomenal course, not because it is well written, many courses are, but because it gives you the tools to go out there and test everything it is teaching you. There is no leap of faith involved, no imported belief system that ties it all together - it is hard grit method and technique that you learn - and in my experience in astrological teaching this is rare.

Giles H United Kingdom
5 star

I have just finished this course and passed my exam. I have read a huge amount of astrology and am quite sure that this course is going to be one of those works that students in 200 years from now will still be studying. Like we today study premier works from the past centuries.

Konstantinos M Greece
5 star

This DMA award consists a special honour for me, after a longtime personal study and research of astrology. Your course is highly educational and of utter practical value, one of the very few true Traditional Astrology courses, that are offered nowadays.

Ol G Norway
5 star

I had studied some of the astrology in the Norse Sagas and wanted a course that was incisive and scholarly. This course was that and more. It gave me a practical understanding that purely academic texts do not provide. It makes all the difference that it is written by someone who proves the rules by using them to make predictions rather than dealing only in theory.

Afonso J - Portugal
5 star

The "psychological" method of astrology is all that is known to the majority of astrologers here in Portugal. This was the method that I learnt and about all I was good at was character reading and vague astrological forecasts. In the early stages of learning the DMA I was still addicted to the psychological approach and it retarded my understanding and learning a great deal. So, my advice to new students who have already learnt the psychological approach is to put it aside right from the very beginning and learn afresh how to read a chart and apply the predictive techniques taught in the DMA.

Jason R - Vancouver CA
5 star

This is one of the best astrology courses available in Canada. I should know because I have tried over the years virtually all the others on offer here. If I was to say what the main difference between this course and the other ones are I would say this: most other predictive astrology courses do not go far enough in their teaching how to delineate a chart. Unless you are thorough in your delineation then you will get it wrong but you can only be thorough if know all the method & technique that has to be applied - and that is what this course teaches. It is this that places this course head and shoulders above the rest.

Angela P - MA USA
5 star

It is the predominance of the modern or psychological school of astrology that prevents so many people from reading a horoscope as Western Predictive astrology demands. The central problem is that the psychological school is an adulteration of astrology which has developed in West over the last 150 years or so and is based on misunderstandings derived from extremely poor scholarship and even worse practical application. In the USA astrological "community" you can see evidence of this on a daily basis in the works of a multitude of writers on astrology, who can present theory in what seems to be clear and precise terms but who fail to transform that theory into practise i.e. accurate astrological prediction BEFORE an event. It is this to which the DMA course is a panacea and I strongly urge any student who wishes to learn real astrology to do this course.

Nicola Italy
5 star

It has been over a two years since I received my DMA. In that time I have come to release just how important this course is and so have returned to post this. I hope one day I can repay your kindness by making you proud of me. I wish to make some contribution to the art if possible, no matter how small it may be and feel that even now I have a level of competence I never dreamed of.

Claus T Germany
5 star

The course materials are impressive and detailed and the working examples are full. What I would like to add is that I was also impressed by the countless times you answered my questions, far beyond what I had asked and with a thoroughness that is marvellous. Teaching the masses is frustrating and I know from personal experience it takes much patience to do what you do.

JJK New Zealand
5 star

Thank you for this course and my diploma. Thank you too for all your help in answering my questions and special thanks to my examiner for his acute remarks and guidance. Its astrology teaching at its best.

Cristiano M Brazil
5 star

Excellent course and I am very happy for my diploma which I have just put on my wall.

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