Robert Zoller - Latinist, Medieval Scholar and Astrologer. The world's leading proponent of Western Predictive Astrology also known as Medieval Astrology.

A graduate of both the Latin Institute of the City University of New York and the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of the City College New York. He has studied and taught astrology for near thirty years and produced what are now widely regarded as seminal works on astrology. In 2002, he was awarded the internationally acclaimed Regulus Award for excellence in astrological research and innovation. 

His breadth of knowledge ranges from astrology to hermetic philosophy, alchemy, and magic. He also has an extensive background in the Western, Nordic, and Indian Esoteric traditions. 

Medieval Astrology is the epitome of Western astrology. Its roots can be traced back to Arabia, ancient Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. It was the highest form that Western astrology reached and from the practical point of view, in its accuracy and reliability, is unsurpassed. 

Renowned Mundane Astrologer - it was the use of Medieval Astrology that allowed Robert to predict the tragic events of 9/11 and publish those predictions over twelve months beforehand. 

He was the only astrologer who specifically stated that the attack would be by Islamic fundamentalists on US soil, that it would be in September 2001 and he specifically named Bin Laden. Others vaguely indicated but he pointed directly at what was to come as though he was staring at it and was describing what he saw - that is the Art of astrology and perhaps above all other things indicates the calibre of the astrology that he is using. 

World Class Natal Astrologer - Robert expounds advanced natal horoscope techniques, which allow exceptional accuracy in chart delineation and prediction. 

Prodigious Author - His studies and research based on his own translations of such works as Bonatti's Liber astronomiaeIbn Gabirol's (Avicebron) Fons vitae, and Alkindi's Stellar Rays have allowed him to examine anew many of the astrological techniques which have been handed down to the modern day astrologer. In so doing he has been able to clarify astrological method enabling more accurate and better use of many techniques. He has also re-discovered many "lost" techniques thus expanding contemporary astrological understanding and practise. 

International Teacher and Lecturer - Robert has lectured throughout the world and was the first astrologer to present an international Web cast (a radio broadcast over the Internet), which was simultaneously downloaded live in Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, parts of Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Canada, the United States and South America. It attracted an audience of tens of thousands and resulted in attracting a large number of people to the serious study of astrology. 

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The Academy of Predictive Astrology teaches Western Predictive Astrology. Indeed, many of the translations by Robert Zoller (from the Latin) are the only works from the tradition that are available in English. It teaches both the technique and mechanics of the Western tradition and is the only course on astrology to include esoteric doctrine, which have not been published elsewhere. These esoteric doctrines provide the key to many predictive techniques and without an understanding of them many of the techniques fail. 

Several courses are available: the Foundation Course in Medieval Astrology (leading to the Certificate in Medieval Astrology [CMA]) gives a firm foundation in the Western tradition. It is designed for the beginner in Predictive Astrology and is the most complete home study course available. The Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology is a comprehensive course for the student who already has some knowledge of astrology but wishes to learn advanced techniques. This course incorporates much of the new research into Predictive Astrology, which is not published elsewhere. 

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