Complete Set of Works

£90.00   | RRP: £225.00  | Save: 60%

A complete set of essential texts for students and practitioners of Medieval & Western Predictive Astrology. 

Please note: this Special Offer does not include the Foundation or  Diploma course materials. You will need to purchase these separately.

This Special Offer allows you to purchase essential texts at a substantial discount. It is much cheaper than purchasing each publication individually. 

It includes the following:

  • All of the ARTICLES  found from the website (except those in the Library which you can download for free). 
  • All of the dilploma level ACADEMY PAPERS (these are abridged versions).


  • PLUS  all of the BOOKS available on the website:

- Alkindi On the Stellar Rays
- Bonatti On War
- Tools and Techniques Book I
- Tools and Techniques Book II
- Tools and Techniques Book III
- Bonatti and Cardan : 146 Considerations and Aphorisms

- Liber Hermetis Book I

- Liber Hermetis Book II

- Dalton tables (use in the erection of horoscopes)

Complete Set of Works
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Customer Reviews

5 star

If you think that you are going to make a go of these studies and you are a serious student then I recommend that you get this set of works because it is vastly cheaper than getting each one, one by one, as you work through the courses. Which is what I did.

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