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All of the latest editions of articles and Academy papers published by Robert Zoller
- Abu Ma'shar Prince of Astrologers
- Angels
- Arabic Astrology
- Astrology and Wisdom
- Astrology in the USA Prior to 1870
- Avicebron and Foundation of Life
- Blending of Astrology and Medicine
- Development of 19th Century Astrology
- Guardian Angel and Astrology
- Hermetic Tradition
- Hermetica as Science
- Jewish Astrology
- New Age Astrology - Jones
- Medical Astrology
- Occult Sciences of Astrology
- Prediction and 11th September 2001
- Valentine Weigel on Fate and Free Will

All Articles
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Customer Reviews

Sam H Australia
3 star

It is better value getting them all at once but you can also get the Complete Works with all the books too (includes all these articles as well) and that makes even more cents!

Mark C England
3 star

I read one article, then another, then that led to another and before I knew it I had read the lot. Only then did I think that it would have been better to buy them all together rather than one at a time. So would recommend - if you are a serious student of astrology or the hermetic arts - to get them in this bunch All Articles - and not one at a time - and save a fortune.

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