There is a need for a deeper understanding of the Spiritual in astrological practice. This Study addresses that need by examining a "concept" that is known to a great many yet understood by only a few astrologers. Yet it lies at the root of spiritual understanding and is essential for the proper practice of astrology. While this and its sister paper Guardian Angels and Astrology is addressed to the astrologer it should be of value to anyone who wishes to better understand the spiritual world in which we all live. 

The Study begins by defining the Angel and uncovering the commonality of the Ancient Pagan and Jewish, and Medieval Christian teachings about the Guardian Angel or Peculiar Daemon (as it is otherwise known). In this regard particular attention is given to demonstrating how these philosophical and religious teachings are elucidated by the Medieval documents dealing with astrology and magic. 

If such things as Guardian Angels exist (and this Study asserts that they do), then they must be attested to in ancient pre-Christian literature, contemporary religious life and mystical experience throughout the ages and across all cultural boundaries. 

The role of Guardian Angels in human affairs is addressed comparing the teachings about such angels with astrological and magical teachings. The conclusion that the subject is far greater than it appears to be in either Theological, Philosophical, Astrological or Magical texts is considered. Indeed, for us to fully appreciate the reality and importance of the Guardian Angel we must unite the insights received from each of these four great reservoirs with our own first hand experience.

But it is from a consideration of these several traditions that we are able, with practice to identify the actions of the Guardian Angel in our lives and to understand its place in the divine hierarchy. With this end in mind, exercises are given within the Study which lead first to a close intellectual approximation of the nature and mission of the Guardian Angel as it relates to each of us individually. And eventually, to a direct experience of our own Angel, or at least the Guardian Angel that is particular to ourselves. If you are a skeptic in these matters you could do no better than to attempt to gain a first hand knowledge of this subject rather than to rely on secondary intellectual or academic reservations. 

Astrologically, the significance of the Angel is simply put in a paraphrase attributed to the philosopher Porphyry originating from Iamblichus "He is happy who having learned the scheme of his nativity (Natal Horoscope), and knowing his Guardian Angel, becomes liberated from Fate." The power of these words which echo down the millennia to us here today will be immediately apparent to the astrologer and layperson alike who is versed in these matters. To others it should alert them that this is a subject worthy of careful attention and proper regard.

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